FlexST is a platform independent software tool that enables users to view, build, and modify logic components to quickly develop and manage applications for multiple environments.

FlexST’s simple point and click interface makes complex logic easier to navigate and build. Component layers can be opened and closed to reveal the underlying functionality as needed.

FlexST uses an extended component architecture to ensure capability and expandability for the future. Built upon industry standards for component creation, FlexST allows integration of third party components seamlessly. New libraries are continually being added and updated to increase functionality or alter the role of the software as a tool.

FlexST's intuitive interface allows non-programmers to build applications, web services, and user interfaces that can parse anything, manipulate XML, control databases, access email, control HTML forms, and control files. FlexST provides developer interfaces and is WebStart enabled so users can run the software from a web browser.

FlexSt also allows users to test logic before deployment. This results in incredibly fast development cycles and confidence in one touch deployment with code generation.