Gridflo provides a commanding point of view. It empowers users by allowing them to monitor, maintain, and manipulate distributed computing networks to achieve more efficient data processing power.

Gridflo’s interface provides realtime view of loads based on enterprise, sites, site, machine, and applications. It runs on any Java enabled system and utilizes a standard XML API for ultimate flexibility.

Gridflo uses an extended component architecture to ensure capability and expandability for the future. Built upon industry standards for component creation, Gridflo allows integration of third party components seamlessly. New libraries are continually being added and updated to increase functionality.

Gridflo provides flexible distributed processing by hiearchial management of enterprise, sites, systems and applications throughout an organization regardless of platform.

Gridflo's realtime graphical data processing meters allows users to track statistics, META data, and machine load. It allows multiple monitoring views and acts as a service registry.