GUPI is a parsing tool that assists in processing, transforming, and managing structured and unstructured data across the enterprise.

GUPI offers a centralized view of logic and real-time data viewers that allow developers to better understand and modify transformation actions for different types of input. Scripts can be developed to process and transform almost any type of protocol and easily modified to respond to new or changing protocols.

The RAD IDE provides immediate feedback of rule changes. Data Views not only show feedback, but direct developers to the exact location of problematic rules. This reduces development cycles dramatically while increasing workflow efficiency.

GUPI is an ideal solution for protocol analysis. There are literally thousands of protocols with formats that change constantly. It is difficult to keep up with this change and requires significant investments in software and technology.

GUPI includes a knowledge base of rule templates so organizations can quickly customize or create new templates to intelligently transform information from documents, email, web sites, portals, legacy systems, and databases.