Braincave, the technology innovation lab of Expert Consultants Inc (ECI), is proud to announce the official release of their immersive VR web collaboration platform.

BraincaveVR enables companies to quickly build web based virtual reality environments that incorporate real time collaboration, voice and gestures from within shared virtual spaces.  

Braincave specializes in the creation and digitization of real world assets in VR, as well as specialized 3D data displays using an array of data sources. A full scripting language allows customization of data and object interaction.

The BraincaveVR platform is open sourced to customers and its web server can be accessed locally or over a network by wired or wireless virtual reality headsets including Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Vive Pro, and Windows Mixed Reality.

The BraincaveVR platform can be utilized for a variety of business applications including:

Asset Management
Track assets easier by tagging information such as accounting, repair and ownership directly to objects in VR.

Build scenario-based virtual learning and workforce development modules.

Locational awareness
Create virtual environments that update information in real-time.  Useful for data center administrators, field site surveys, and financial institutions.

Contact us today to request a demo of BraincaveVR!