Intelligent Data Transformation

GUPI is a data transformation tool that acts as the translator between humans and computers. It allows users to transform and display almost any type of data using a functional hierarchy of parsing rules. GUPI is ideal for protocol analysis where some or all of the protocol is unknown.




  • Protocol Detection
  • Protocol Decoding
  • Document Text Extraction
  • Document Form Extraction
  • Metadata Extraction
  • Web Crawling
  • HTML Text Extraction
  • RSS Text Extraction
  • Email Filtering
  • Database Cleansing
  • Database Conversion
  • XML Transformation

Download GUPI Datasheet




Relational Data Management

Epiphany provides a flexible, scalable framework for link analysis. Users view data as link diagrams to visualize relationships and hierarchies between objects. Diagrams can also be shared to maximize collaboration within an organization.





  • Build link diagrams
  • Search diagrams by keyword
  • Choose different graph types
  • Define data sources
  • Create object templates
  • Manage complex relationships
  • Filter realtionship types
  • Attach data elements
  • Multiple data views
  • Multiple data layers
  • Share relational schemas
  • Generate reports

Download Epiphany Datasheet




The Logic Hub

FlexST is a software development and management tool that enables users to view, build, and modify logic components to quickly develop applications for multiple environments.





  • Manage Software
  • Manage Web Services
  • Manipulate XML
  • Access Email
  • Access FTP
  • Control Databases
  • Control HTML
  • Control Forms
  • Control Files
  • Control Directories
  • Build GUIs
  • Build Applications
  • Build Portals

Download FlexST Datasheet



Distributed Computing Monitor

Gridflo allows users to monitor, maintain, and manipulate distributed computing networks to achieve more efficient data processing power. It's interface provides a realtime view of loads based on enterprise, sites, systems, machine, and applications.





  • Scalable
  • Centralize monitoring
  • Realtime view of loads
  • URL based routing
  • Standard XML API
  • Track statistics
  • Track META data
  • Track machine load

Download Gridflo Datasheet