ECI offers expert consulting for every facet of the information technology development cycle. Our process includes several broad, distinct phases. ECI’s involvement in developing a technology solution can include all of these phases or only a select few.

Needs Assessment
ECI works with the customer to identify needs and technical requirements for the project.

Systems Planning and Engineering
Legacy systems and existing database structures are identified. Procedures and functionality are mapped.

Architecture Design
Technology and data processes are chosen based on needs assessment. Final architecture design is produced.

Implementation & Integration
Various technology components are built, integrated, and deployed.

Technical infrastructures tested and performance reviewed based on need assessments.

Support and Management
The final technology solution can have ongoing support or additional functionality added based on the project.

Software tailored to your specific needs
ECI’s suite of software products can be customized to perform specific tasks unique to the customer. Our team of engineers use ECI’s software tools to significantly reduce development cycles, but the software can also be reconfigured to assist the customer in managing or updating their technology solution in the future.


  • Information Technology
  • Computer Manufacturing
  • Computer Software
  • Government
  • Aerospace
  • Consulting
  • Biotech
  • Telecom


  • Web Services
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Data Mining
  • C++
  • Java
  • 4GL
  • J2EE